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The image shows the contents of the book box. There is a brown cardboard box photographed, it has the book Lizzie and Lucky on top of it. There are activity sheets next to the box and some pencils, paper clips, badges, pens and a bookmark.

It’s no surprise that a detective mystery instantly appeals to me! But a series of kids’ books involving a detective called Lizzie and her fluffy sidekick, Lucky, had me instantly sold!

Mystery books are a great genre to introduce your child to, especially reluctant readers. Children are always keen to solve the case and really get involved in the story, whether it’s noting down potential evidence, looking for clues, or rooting for the detective. Even better if the adults aren’t able to solve the mystery, and become reliant on a young detective to crack the case!

The mystery plot really engages readers

Lizzie is a fantastic protagonist: brave, determined and resilient. She looks beyond the clues that the adults pass off as nothing, and instead recognises where there is investigating to be done, with Lucky’s help, of course!

Eight-year Lizzie is deaf and uses sign language to communicate with her parents. For children who have a hearing impairment it’s so important to be able to see themselves represented in the stories they read. Reading widely and reading books with diverse and inclusive main characters celebrates differences and can help to build empathy.

The author shares, through a child’s-eye view, times it can be hard for Lizzie and her parents: lip-reading, people not speaking clearly or people turning away as they are talking, and meeting people who don’t use sign language. There are so many opportunities for discussion throughout this book and I especially liked the inclusion of the ”how to sign” section at the back of the book. Although I apologise in advance if bedtime story sessions take twice as long, as your reader wants to chat about the clues of the case, or to practise their sign language skills.

The book includes black and white illustrations and manageable chapter lengths. It’s 250 pages, so the more developed plot makes it a great book for families to enjoy together.

Short sections of text and black and white illustrations make it a manageable read

I loved Lizzie and Lucky and their adventures so much that I have created a mini case just for them! The Lizzie and Lucky Case makes the perfect gift for your mini sleuth and comes with an activity pack to help you get the most out of your books and continue your investigations! Available to buy now.

Lizzie and Lucky, The Mystery of the Stolen Treasure by Megan Rix is the second book in the Lizzie and Lucky series.

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