The Lizzie and Lucky Case


Help Lizzie and Lucky solve this mini case! This is the perfect gift for Detective Sergeants aged 7 years + or for children enjoying chapter books. Our detectives will have to do their BEST investigating to solve this one!

This case box includes:

* A gift-wrapped copy of Lizzie and Lucky and The Mystery of the Stolen Treasure (paperback)

* Case Notes activity pack – full of educational and fun reading detective tasks

* Two badges and a bookmark

*Personalised letter from Detective Lizzie and gift message (please provide at checkout)

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In this case readers will join Lizzie and Lucky as they try to solve the mystery of the stolen treasure! Read more about this wonderful book on our blog.

Our case notes activity pack, full of reading journal activities, will keep our detectives on their toes as they work through the clues of the case and help to develop important reading skills. This is the perfect gift for detectives who are reading chapter books. Or work as a team, and share your box with friends and family.

For every book box that we sell, we make a donation to The Children’s Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1000013) to support the amazing work they do “Making Serious Stuff Fun’.

The image shows The Children’s Foundation’s logo. It has rainbow lettering and says “Making Serious Stuff Fun’


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