International Literacy Day 8th September

It’s International Literacy Day on the 8th September 2021 and The Book Detectives and Tyne Valley Express have teamed up to help celebrate this event throughout the Tyne Valley. With so many disruptions to our children’s education over the last 18 months, now is the perfect time to highlight the importance of literacy in our community and to make reading a fun and enjoyable experience that our children can share with their families and friends. We know that lots of families are often looking for ways to limit screen time, so we have come up with some simple and easy ways to encourage our youngsters to put down their devices and reach for a book instead!

  1. Start a book swap with friends and family to share your favourite books. You could get creative with this and hide your book somewhere, leaving clues of where to find it!
  2. Plan a trip to the library and challenge yourself by reading a book by a new author or choose a book about a topic you know nothing about.
  3. Imagine your favourite character is coming for tea! Plan a three-course meal for them. You could even make a menu for their visit.
  4. Make a bookmark for a friend or family member. They will be so excited to receive it, it might encourage them to do some reading!
  5. Write a review of your favourite book and leave it somewhere in your village or town for someone else to find. This could be at school, at the library, at a local café or stuck to a notice board at the park.
  6. Next time you are on a walk around your local town or village, make a note of some great places to do some reading and share your ideas with family and friends.
  7. Write the first line or first chapter of a new story, then pass it on to a friend or family member and ask them to continue it.
  8. Organise a book club with some friends or family members. All read the same book and then spend some time talking about what you thought about it. This would be even better if you share some cake too!
  9. Create a new front cover for a book you have read this year. Display it somewhere at home to share it with your family.
  10. It’s your favourite character’s birthday. Make them a birthday card to help them celebrate.

Share some of your reading adventures with us on our social media accounts. We would love to hear what you have been up to!

Happy reading!

Detective Lizzie