Our Story

The Book Detectives has been created by Detective Lizzie, a former primary school teacher and mum to two boys.

Searching for incredible children’s books to share with all of the budding detectives out there is Lizzie’s passion. Lizzie found that the most frequently asked questions at parents’ evening were always about reading and books.

Parents felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start selecting books for their children. Our service makes choosing children’s books an easy, enjoyable and stress-free process.

The books included in our boxes all fit a theme; the books might be new releases or might have been around for a while, but they certainly haven’t been investigated before! Lizzie works with a range of publishers so we have an incredible selection of books to choose from. 

Lizzie’s experience as a teacher helps her to choose books that will excite, engage, educate and enthuse our reading detectives to develop a life-long love of reading.

Through our book boxes and our bookshop, we aim to connect children to the best books available that are not only brilliantly written, but inclusive, diverse and inspiring.

We also include an activity pack in every book box that is full of reading journal activities to help you get the most out of your books.

Lizzie regularly reviews and recommends children’s books, so please take a look at our blog and social media accounts, to see what she is currently reading.

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