5 Books To Read After Tom Gates

Hello from TBD HQ! It is really starting to feel like Christmas here. New stock is arriving all the time, so I seem to be constantly surrounded by Christmas books at the moment. My lovely customers are an organised bunch (and Big Christmas fans!) and are keeping me busy with lots of orders and enquiries, but I thought I would steal some time today to put together this blog post as I think it will be a useful one in the coming weeks.

I frequently get asked for book recommendations, especially via social media, and I’ve noticed this has really increased as we approach Christmas. I intend to answer some of my frequently asked questions through a series of blog posts. They will all be saved here on my blog, so it’s easy to refer back to whenever you should need them.

I am starting with this one, which is the probably the most frequently asked: “My child has just finished reading Tom Gates, what should they read next?”

What’s not to like about Tom Gates. Laugh out loud antics and quirky illustrations are the perfect combination and it’s often cited as THE BOOK that made everything click for reluctant readers. If this sounds like your child, read on to find recommendations for five books that will keep that reading spark alight for your child.

  1. Stick Boy by Paul Coomey, published by Little Tiger I adore the style of illustrations in Stick Boy, and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, sure to liven up reading time. Stick Boy has just moved to Little Town, but he doesn’t have time to worry about being the new kid as he must uncover, with the help of his new friends, the mysterious plot involving Baron Ben’s Mega Mall and, pop star Jonny Vidwire and the suspicious HomeBots. There’s also a great resource to learn how to draw your own Stick Boy, available as a free download here.
  2. Hilda and The Troll by Luke Pearson, published by Flying Eye Books. Join Hilda, the blue-haired explorer, as she meets the magical creatures that inhabit the mountains near her home: wooden men, trolls and giants. Hilda is now a Netflix series, so this might also help to entice TV fans to try this one.
  3. The Cartoons That Came to Life by Tom Ellen, published by Chicken House Books. One of Finn’s favourite things to do is draw his two cartoon heroes, Arley and Tapper. But following a tough time at school, Finn finds he isn’t able to draw them anymore. Imagine the fright Finn gets when he discovers them climbing out of his sketchbook! Finn must find a way to bring them back into the comic world. Luckily Isha, Finn’s friend is on hand to help, but can they do it in time!
  4. Pizazz: The Super Awesome New Superhero Series! by Sophy Henn, published by Simon and Schuster. You would think that being a superhero was all fun and games, but for Pizazz it can actually be quite annoying: same outfit all the time, you always have to be the good guy, and sometimes Pizazz would actually quite like to just be normal. Not to mention her “super” power…!
  5. Stunt Boy In The Meantime by Jason Reynolds, Published by Knights Of Stuntboy is the newest superhero in town. Determined to make sure all the other superheroes stay safe and super, Portico Reeves’s goes about his work in secret! Did I mention Portico likes to keep the superheroes safe? Super safe? And he does this all in secret. No one knows he is actually… Stuntboy!

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Happy reading and happy investigating!

Detective Lizzie x